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The original Mahoney law firm in Freeport, Illinois, was founded in 1960 when Harold Nettles and Francis X. Mahoney combined their law offices. That law firm was originally known as Nettles & Mahoney. Harold Nettles passed away in 1966. P. Michael Mahoney, son of Francis X. Mahoney, joined the firm in 1971. At that point, the firm was known as Nettles, Mahoney & Mahoney, Ltd. Barry Anderson became a partner in that firm in 1977. In 1978, Francis X. Mahoney was elected circuit judge in Stephenson County.

The firm became known as Mahoney & Anderson, Ltd. Barry Anderson was selected as an associate judge in 1986 and was eventually elected a circuit judge in Stephenson County. Francis X. Mahoney retired as a judge and rejoined the firm in 1991. In 1992, P. Michael Mahoney became a full-time federal magistrate for the Northern District of Illinois. The son of P. Michael Mahoney and grandson of Francis X. Mahoney, Timothy S. Mahoney joined the firm in the fall of 1992. In 2014, P. Michael Mahoney retired as a federal magistrate and rejoined the firm. In 2017, Timothy S. Mahoney announced the creation of his own firm and was joined by his father, P. Michael Mahoney, and Attorney Anthony Peska. The firm is known as Mahoney & Mahoney, LLC.

The firm practices in wrongful death, personal injury, and criminal law.